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Helpful Resources


Treatment Partners:
Treatment Referral - Nation wide treatment referral to drug rehabs
Executive Rehab - drug rehab for executives and professionals
Teen Rehab - teen drug rehab with accommodations for the family
Rainbow Recovery - drug rehab for the gay community
Christian Rehab - Christian-based drug rehab
Spencer on the Bay - chemical dependency rehab on the east coast
Spencer Recovery Centers - nationwide drug rehab facilities
Residential Treatment - extended recovery home
Scripts - prescription drug addiction rehab

Informative Sites:
Cocaine Addiction - cocaine addiction site with treatment options
Marijuana Addiction - entire site about marijuana addiction
Drug Addiction - informative site about drug addiction
OxyContin Addiction - oxycontin addiction and treatment centers
Ketamine Addiction - ketamine abuse site for teens and adults
Vicodin Addiction - vicodin addiction, withdrawal, treatment options
Alcoholism - entire site about alcoholism, alcohol abuse, drunk driving
Crystal Meth Addiction - crystal meth addiction site with meth treatment centers
Drunk Driving - statistics and information about drunk driving
Drug Information - all about drugs; abuse, cocaine, crack, marijuana, ghb

Intervention Partners:
Coast to Coast Interventions - national intervention specialist
Interventions 911 - family and executive interventions
Drug Alcohol Interventions - drug and alcohol intervention expert




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