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Teenage Depression

A modest estimate states that teenage depression affects four to five percent of adolescents and that teenage depression is a major factor in young adult suicides. Clinical depression, like many other physical and mental illnesses cannot be treated alone or without the help of a licensed therapist or counselor. Teenage depression is an ongoing problem to some extent because of unaware parents, but also because teenagers are skilled at manipulating and pretending they are okay.

Teenage depression can affect a family in many negative ways, however it is not something that a family need be ashamed out. Out of the entire American population a rough ten percent are viewed to suffer from some form of depression or another. Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance often uncontrollable by the person who suffers from it.

Young adults are at a high risk for teenage depression because throughout late childhood and early adolescence many events and changes take place. Teenagers may be at risk for depression if they have experienced some of the following symptoms:

· A traumatic or life changing event including the loss of a loved one, a divorce, the end of an important relationship, etc.
· Problems at home, in school or with friends
· Beginning to use drugs or alcohol with increasing frequency
· Becoming easily angered and annoyed with unimportant things
· Constant sadness, wanting to be alone, being suicidal

It is crucial that parents play a role in teens' lives in order to keep the growing risk for teenage depression down to a minimum. These risk factors may present themselves at various times throughout adolescence, however sometimes a teenager must be confronted in order to admit to feelings of overwhelming sadness, anger and hopelessness. This type of behavior (sadness, wanting to die, etc) can lead to long term and even more dangerous behavior including substance abuse and violence towards themselves and others.

If you are a teenager reading this, realizing you too suffer from depression the first step towards a new life is to let someone who loves you know the difficulties you are going through. While they may not be able to relate entirely, most likely they will be able to lead you to the type of help that you need to get better and start living life again.

Teenage depression can take on many faces and is especially prone to being masked by drugs and alcohol. This type of mental illness is dangerous because without help it tells the sufferer life is hopeless and not worth living. If you or someone you love appears to be suffering from teenage depression, or any depression at all there is help for them.

Through the positive care system at Treatment Referral, the sufferer and their family can find a referral right for them to combat teenage depression. A new life starts whenever you want one, call 800.886.4986.




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